About Frontspeed ApS

Frontspeed is a software company specialized in developing data handling software for Windows as well as having expert knowledge on databases and a strong focus on "usability".

We have developed a large number of systems, often to larger customers in the IT industry. It is often systems with a high complexity and a very high configurability.

We strive to be at the forefront of absolute best software design practices, and to have a keen ability to develop flexible and well-designed systems.

We develop and market also own products, primarily the tool SQLMerger . SQLMerger is a program to compare, move and transform data from various database systems.

Frontspeed ApS has existed since 1993 and is based in Hadsten near Aarhus (Denmark). We have access to a number of external developers and IT professionals in our network we can draw upon for larger projects.

The recent experience we have relates to databases, complex configuration mechanisms, multi-user systems, SQL queries, usability and workflow.

We also provide help with database conversions and providing assistance on tasks related to databases, such as database design.

  • Review: system design, database design, usability
  • Software design & implementation (primarily in Delphi, .net, Visual Studio C #, Java)
  • Cost-effective data conversion / migration from A to Z

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Poul Halgaard, holder
Poul Halgaard
Software designer, experienced programmer, database expert, and consultant.

In my professional work I am an experienced and competent software developer with the talent to come up with creative and ingenious solutions. I've been allowed to work on a very wide range of software projects, and helped to develop many different types of systems. I have also worked internationally.

I like to combine craftsmanship in programming, with the ability to view things from a slightly different angle and try to have an innovative thought included. The customer can use me as a sparring partner as I have a foot in both the technical world and from users, and I would like to help to look at things broadly and in a larger developmental and business perspective.

My greatest strength, I think is that I can do a lot of different things and are interested in a lot. If I have to emphasize a thing I try to focus further on, and have a great interest in, it is program design and structural design of complex mechanisms.

I want to make things easy and nice to use, I also put a lot of emphasis on that.

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  • Experts in advanced programming, SQL queries and database design
  • Work-flow, multimedia and usability

Tilknyttede/samarbejdende konsulenter

Thomas Vedel (Thomas Vedel Consult), Civilingeniør, Software ekspert

Thomas Vedel

Scrummaster, Ekspert i udviklingsmiljøer og værktøjer.

Erfaren programmør og databasehaj.


Michael Riis (Riis DATA), IT rådgiver, IT administrator

Michael Riis

Ekspert i Microsoft servere og Windows installation i større miljøer.

Indkøb, opsætning og implementering af hardware/software. Optimering af eksisterende systemer og udnyttelse af virksomhedens IT-værktøjer. Service, drift og support på eksisterende samt nye infrastrukturer.